Ceiling Fans

Stylish, convenient and space-friendly, ceiling fans work wonders and can cool off any room. There are a variety of styles and sizes to fit any location.

Important Features

What to look for and consider before buying:

Blade Size

Depending on how much room you have and how much wind you are looking to stir up, there are a few options you have when it comes to blade size, or its angle, also known as blade pitch. * 36 inch ceiling fan * 42 inch ceiling fan * 52 inch ceiling fan * 60 inch ceiling fan * 72 inch ceiling fan

Blade Pitch

The pitch of the blade will determine how much air the fan will move and circulate around the room. * 12 degrees * 13 degrees * 14 degrees * 15 degrees * 16 degrees

Motor Size

* You want a stamped steelware are usually less expensive but they don't add much to the convenience of using the fan.


* It is necessary to have a fan control that is accessible and conveniently placed in the room as you will need to change the fan speed and light intensity of your fan. Controls are either wall control   


* Outdoors ceiling fans * Large room ceiling fans * Small room ceiling fans * Children's ceiling fans * Modern ceiling fans * Antique ceiling fans * Uplight ceiling fans

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