Casual Clothing for Girls Buying Guide

Even girls at private schools have weekends, which means it's time to break out the fun tops, jeans, and sandals or sneakers. Clothing is about self expression, and little girls have a great time expressing themselves most of the time. It also depends on what they plan to do in the casual clothes: playing in the park, going to a friend's house, playing sports, going to the mall, going to the beach, no matter what it is, there are some basics that go with any situation, and some that work better for some activities than others. So it really depends on how much you want to spend, what she wants to wear, and where she wants to wear it. Of course, if the girl(s) you are looking to purchase clothing with/for don't have a school uniform, you also have to remember to get schoolExplorer'>Dora The Explorer themed items. Just pick a budget, stick with it, and have fun looking for the perfect looks that will blow her peers away.

Girls' Tops

'''Popular styles include: ''' *beads or ribbons sewn onto the tops. * '''Sporty styles:''' hoodies, henleys and waffle weave are all important styles and textures. * According to Hello Kitty are the most '''popular characters''' for girls tops.

Girls' Bottoms

'''Popular styles include: ''' * ''' '''Leggings:''' Nice worn under a mini skirt or a long tunic sweater.

Feeling Sporty

Today's girls are participating in more sports than ever before: gymnastics, squash, cross-country running and yoga are a few great ways for girls to get fit! According to the  National Federation of State High School Associations, these are the top ten sports for girls: # Basketball # Track & Field # Softball # Volleyball # Cross Country # Soccer # Tennis # Golf # Swimming # Competitive Spirit (cheerleading) If your stumped for ways to encourage a young girl to get active, read the CDC guide.  The article suggests ways to get the whole family in great shapeskates'>inline skates. Below we've listed some general athletic gear for girls:


Dresses are appropriate for so many different venues, especially if your girl likes to dress up, or simply wants to wear dresses to school, play, etc. !


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