Casual Clothing for Boys Buying Guide

Batman items, all largely popular with the younger male set. See our helpful tips below and good luck shopping!

What's Best for Their Age?

Boys grow fast and keeping up with clothes that fit can be tough. Styles also change as they get older; you won't see your teenager caught dead in any styles he wore when he was 12.  * Toddlers: For toddlers, make sure you get comfortable clothing that's also easy to clean, as kids will get into everything. * Young boys: Jeans are a great goshirts with favorite cartoon characters are a great choice. * Preteens: This is the age when being cool starts to be really important. Trends that are hot right now are plaids (especially shorts), slim leg jeans, and even button-downs. * Teenagers: Hopefully he's picking out some of his own outfit, but it's hard to actually get him to go out and buy anything. That's where you come in. Popular shops for teen boys are Pac Sun, Urban Outfitters, and Hollister.



Feeling Sporty

Now you know what's appropriate for most school days.  After school, your little tyke is going to need to burn off some calories, so why not get him involved in a sport? Of course, if your child playing a sport, this means you'll need to purchase some equipment, so check below for the essentials.

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