In-Dash Car Receivers

amp and maybe a subwoofer.

Model Types

Depending on the type of media you use most, you'll want to consider the different options available for each combination of audio type. * Want to listen to tapes? CDs? Or maybe both? ** Car Cassette Receiver *** This type of receiver plays tapes and the radio. ** Car CD Receiver *** If all you want to play are CDs then this is the way to go. Keep in mind that a CD receiver will only play one CD at a time. However, if you want the ability to load several CDs at once then you will need a Cassette/CD Combo *** If you have both old tapes and new CDs, you will want a combo receiver. ** CD/MP3/WMA Receiver *** Do you listen mostly to CDs and MP3s? Do you want to be able to hear WAV and WMA files? These receiver will playback different types of music formats. * Do you want to hook up your iPods/ MP3 player to the receiver? ** iPod ready receivers will allow you to hook up your iPod to your receiver as well as other fun options. ** Also look for FM transmitters for MP3 players. * Or are you all about the satellite radio? **buying guide to find out more.

What to Look For

* '''Sound Quality''' ** A high signal to noise ratio means better quality sound with less distortion and interference, especially when playing the radio. ** For optimum radio play also look for FM sensitivity specifications. The lower the number, the better the reception. * '''Power''' ** Fourdash receivers. ** Look out for preamp outputs for power expansion (i.e., adding an amplifier and/or subwoofers) so that you can have clear sound with less distortion. ** RMS wattage is a power measurement and you want it to be as high as possible. ** Keep in mind though that your system's wattage is only as good as the quality of speakers you buy, so you might want to leave room for upgrading. * '''Tone Controls''' ** Volume control on the interface is a given. ** Bass and treble should have their own controls or be accessible from the receiver's menu. ** Audiophiles will want additional equalizer functions for super-sharp, precise sound control. ** The average consumer will just need the basics and maybe a button for bass boost, which can help fill out the sound even at lower volumes.