Candy Gifts

A person with a candy gifts and buyers just would love to purchase them.

Types of Candy

Candy or Candy Gifts are one of the best items given during Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Listed down below are the different types of candy that can be given away: * Caramel Candy * Toffee * Fudge * Chocolate * Gummies * Hard Candy * Licorice * Lollipops * Candy Canes * Cotton Candy * Jelly Beans * Peanut Brittle * Peanuts * Candy Bars * Lollies

Health Risks

Since candy are made of sugar that it can damage teeth. It erodes tooth enamel, which leads to dental cavities. Dentists always recommend to regularly brush teeth after meals or snacks. Candy is not also recommended for diabetic people since it can cause a high rise in blood sugar. To avoid aggravating this condition, people should minimize or at least eat candy in moderation. And as for the kids, minimize their candy intake as it can lead to hyperactivity. They should be disciplined as not to put their health at risks at an early age. Let us remember that there can be too much of a good thing.

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