Camping Kitchenware

There's nothing like ending a long day of backpacking with a hot meal before bedtime. The past few years have seen considerable advances in lightweight materials technology, so its easier than ever to get a decent meal while out on the trail. Here are a few basic items you might need. If you are looking for info on Camping stoves check out our buying guide. Happy trails!


Those dehydrated meals aren't going to heat themselves, you know. Unless you love the taste of freeze-dried beef stew, you'd better bring a few pots and pans (a griddle, a wok...) to your campsite. You have fewer choices here, but there are a few fun specialty pieces that might be nice to have in addition to the basics.

Flatware and Dishes

If you're cooking for one, an all in one pot/mug might be enough. (It saves you weight, too.) If you have a whole crew, you'll probably need a few plates, bowls and cups. Don't forget flatware and cooking utensils!


You'll also need something to wash down all that chow....

Flatware and Utensils


If you're taking a picnic trip or doing an overnight, a cooler is a great way to keep your fresh foods ready to eat.

Coffee and Tea

The trail has become more luxurious mug'>insulated mug.

Water Filtration and Storage

Water is both essential and heavy. Make sure you have the best gear for carrying it or the right equipment for preparing your own from rivers or snow.

Miscellaneous Items

Here are a few more kitchen items you'll want to have handy. !