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There are three basic types of bronzer. *
eye shadow. * '''Cream bronzer''' is usually a good choice during the cooler months because it can help moisturize the skin. Likewise, if you have dry skin, it may be the best choice year round. Some, especially those with oily skin, may find it too heavy for summer use. Note that cream bronzer can be used all over the face or as a highlighter to bring out particular facial features. *cream. * Look for brown, gold, bronze and cinnamon shades according to the natural undertones in your skin. Here are some rough suggestions: ** If you already have pinkish skin, look for a bronzer with a touch of pink or for darker skin, cinnamon. ** Olive skin is best enhanced by shades of honey, amber and orange. ** Yellow or golden skin is best matched with shades of gold, tan and brown. ** Brown skin should be paired by tawnies and browns. * When in doubt, choose a multiBronzer'>bronzers are easy to use and will blend in regardless of skin tone. *** Physicians Formula Powder Palette Color Corrective Powders Multi Color Bronzer * Make sure it looks good in the packaging. You can easily tell just from looking at a bronzer if it is a fine or coarse powder. The finer milled the powder, the more natural it will look on the skin and the easier it will be to blend. * Choose a bronzer with SPF in it when available. It never hurts to have more UV protection. * They are usually more expensive, but bronzers with antioxidants, vitamins, or The Steps for Applying Bronzer # '''Apply a base powder''': Choose a light, neutral powder to diminish excess oil or moisture from the skin before you begin applying the bronzer. Beware of applying foundation before the bronzer as you risk making your bronzer look "muddy." If your skin is dry, however, feel free to smooth in a light layer of moisturizer before you apply the powder. # '''Not too much''': Swirl the brush in bronzer and tap off excess on the side of the container.  # '''Where do I put this?''': Use light strokes over the top of your forehead, making circles. Then, work down over the nose. Go from the top of your cheekbone down the side, going up and down. For the cheekbones, go down to up, starting below the cheekbone. # '''Check''': Check for any streaks and if you smoothed the bronzer evenly where it should be. If it does not look right, do not try and "fix" it: you will be better off starting over. # '''Voila!''': But make sure you don't get bronzer on your clothes or other accessories!

Tips and Tricks For Applying

What's the trick for pulling off an exotic, bronzed effect without looking ridiculously orange? Enjoy bronzers during the late spring, summer and early fall. The glistening elements will help enhance your already tanned appearance without looking fake. If you must indulge in
bronzer during  winter, keep it subdued and go light. * Build from light to dark. It's easier to add than subtract. * Use gold makeup. It looks bizarre and accentuates your bronzer. It's all about being subtle! Keep the rest of your makeup simple or at a bare minimum with bronzer. * If you are wearing your hair back or showing off a strappy shirt, don't neglect your ears, neck and décolleté to carry the color from your face naturally. * Three words: Blend, blend, blend!

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