Bras Buying Guide

Once you know how to buy a properly fitting proper support as we go about our day. Two important things to consider when trying to determine your bra size are as follows: # '''The chest size/band size''': This is the circumference taken around a woman's chest and back (below the breasts) and is shown as numbers such as 32, 34, 36, etc. # '''The cup size: '''The cups are the parts of the bra that hold the breasts. Cup sizes are shown as lettersAA, A, B, C, etc. In order to determine your bra size, first take your back measurement with a tape measure around your chest, above your breasts. Next, in order to determine cup size, measure around your chest again, this time right over your breasts. Now, subtract the second measurement from the first one. Depending on how many inches of difference there are, that will give you the cup size to go along with your band size!  For example, if your band size is 34 inches and you measure your chest to be 36 inches, the difference is 2 inches, which makes you a B cup. Once you know what size to buy, remember that different brands vary in their measurements. If a bra feels like it doesn't fit, you may need to go a size up or down, regardless of what the tag says. Know what supports you and don't be seduced by zebra stripes. Once you've figured out your size, you can determine what style is best for you.

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Are You Wearing the Wrong Size?

Millions of women actually wear the wrong bra size. Either their cup sizes are off (someone who is an C might need to wear a B), they're in between sizes (yes, there are A/B cups), or the chest measurement is flat out incorrect. Whatever the ill-fitting case is, there are are a few signs that will indicate if it's time for a busty change. * '''Avoid spillage:''' If your bust is falling out of your bra or if there is space between your breast and the cup, then you will either need to size up or down. * '''No ride ups''': The band should rest perfectly on your back. If it rides up or slides down, it's time to go bra shopping. One trick to determining whether or not the band is perfect is the finger test. Place two fingers underneath the band. If you can still fit more, the size is too big; just one finger means you need to go bigger. * '''Wrinkles be gone''': Bra cups mold to the shape of breasts, so there shouldn't be any wrinkling. If you don't have a smooth fit, try a smaller cup or cut. * '''No gaps allowed''': The center of your bra should lie flat on your chest and make contact with your skin. A gap indicates the size too big, and you won't have adequate support.

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Extra Tips

When trying to find the best bra for your outfit, take these pointers into account: * '''The cut of your top''': Do you need something strapless or something that can accommodate a deep undergarments. * '''The fabric''': If the shirt is sheer or see-through, you'll need a bra that closely matches your skin tone or the color of your top. * '''The tightness''': If the bra has any kind of texture to it, it might show through a tighter top. If your bra is visible, make sure that it is appropriate for where you are going. '''Fit''' * The cups shouldn't wrinkle nor should your breast runneth over. The cup should fit your form and feel good; if it's gapping anywhere, then it's just not the right bra for you. * The back strap should lie horizontally across your back and not ride up, even if you bend over. * The shoulder straps should support very little weight. The bra should stay up and on even if you remove the straps. However, make sure that your straps are properly adjusted. This can make a big difference in the fit. * Support. Jump for a moment. Did that hurt? Try to get a bra that has some effect on your vertical motion. Gravity is very strong and you might as well put up a bit of a fight! * The center panel (where the cups meet each other) should lie flat against your breastbone. If it leans forward or digs into you, you need a larger size. * Symmetry. Are your breasts different sizes? Many bras have removable padding for such situations. Fit the larger breast and pad the smaller one. '''For Small Breasts''' If you increase your cup size twofold, people will notice.  Better to get a bra with padding and/or some uplift than for you to try to get away with a whole new chest. What's easier still? Don't pad at all.  Be proud of what you've got! A small chest looks great in all clothes and you can sometimes even get away with not wearing a bra at all! '''For Large Breasts''' Don't be afraid to get measured and try on many sizes to find the styles that fit you the best. Being wed to a specific alphanumeric combination will only lead to frustration, heartache, and a bad fit. Remember that buying a size too small will not make you look like you have a smaller pair of breasts, but rather will bisect each so that you have four small breasts, which is never very becoming. Wider straps may help give you the support you need and will give your shoulders a break.  If going strapless, you may have to resort to a bustier instead of a regular strapless bra; they're just more supportive and won't cut you off in a weird spot.

Bra Care

Once you've selected the perfect bra, you're going to want to kept it in good shape. Hand wash those goodies in cold water. If you must use a machine, buy a Women's Sleepwear * Special Sizes for Women's Clothing * Fashion Trends * Bridal Lingerie and Hosiery * Clothing for Women