Beauty Gift Products Buying Guide

The Perfect Gift for the Makeup Lover

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Tips for Buying Makeup as a Gift

The place to start when buying makeup for someone else is knowing exactly who you are buying for. * Keep in mind the recipient's skin tone and coloring, including eyes, hair, and skin color. * Know the recipient's makeup and fashion style: classic, preppy, casual, elegant, trendy, sporty, etc. * Analyze the recipient's typical makeup wearing routine. Someone who likes to experiment and vary their look from day to day is easy to please, but someone with strict standards will need the buyer to pay close attention to detail. Also, think about if the person likes to keep maintenance to a minimum or if spending time for precise application is pleasurable.

What to Buy

Great Stocking Stuffers

The following items are cheap and tiny, perfect for stuffing stockings or for giving as little gifts to friends.

Pretty Practical Palettes

An allone palette compact is the perfect purchase for yourself or as a gift. They offer the sleekest, most stylish cases that house everything from office neutrals to bright and bold options for the evening or weekend. Choose accordingly and these value sets will be sure to please every taste. !

A Hundred and One Hues

Two lip colors are better than one, and surely four eye shadows are better than two. Palettes with oodles of options are a great addition to someones home makeup collection. As long as you know that they are all about eyes or obsessed with lip color, then you are bound to get them the best gift possible. It is also great to help narrow down your fave shades when unsure about what suits you best. Here are some of the coolest palettes for eyes, cheeks, lips, and even palettes that can covert from one essential to the next. !

Terrific Tools & Accessories

You are buying for someone who makes makeup a part of their daily beauty regime. Colors are part of the challenge, but perfect application is what makes it an art. Help her make the most out of her makeup with these brush sets. !

Customizable Kits

Maybe you haven't heard, but since 2004 a company called E.L.F. Cosmetics (Eyes.Lips.Face) has been selling affordable and customizable beauty kits online. Introduced by the creator of Hard Candy and Neutrogena's men line, this company offers a line of eye, lip, face, and nail care products as well as beauty tools. The fun part about these cosmetics is that they are priced at $1 a piece. That's right. One dollar. For $5'>E.L.F. Web site to buy. Read on for a few details about the products themselves from actual users. * A dollar is a great price for what you get. The makeup is basic, comparable to Wet n' Wild or N.Y.C. Cosmetics. The tools and makeup brushes are a steal. They are soft and well made and are perfect as an extra set for travelling. The cases are wonderful for storage. The $5 size is the smallest and most portable of the bunch. * The clear eyebrow and eyelash stick is great at doing what it's supposed to. So is the illuminating eye brightener and the non-feathering lip liner. * The powder and eyeshadow products are easy to blend and apply. * The facial whip is a bit sticky and somewhat hard to blend. It also has a slight odor to it. Combine it with a cream or lotion and you have your own illuminating moisturizer at no extra cost. * The makeup remover pads can dry out your skin and leave a slight residue.


Want to surprise a beauty and makeup lover with something new for months to come? Yellow Beauty Box is a new "makeup of the month" club that can be ordered for 3wearing female from teens and up. There are no products for men at this time.