Bathroom Organization and Storage Buying Guide

Except for that occasional soak in the tub, chances are you aren't spending much time in the bathroom. However, that's no reason to let disorder reign. Still storing your clean folded towels on the toilet tank, with those spare rolls of toilet paper on the floor, and that extra tube of toothpaste...wait, where is that again? Get a grip on your bathroom with these simple storage and organization products that will help make this space a little less chaotic and a little more tranquil. Now, how about another soak in that tub? Enjoy.

Bathroom Shelving and Storage

Keep items you use on a daily basis in an accessible spot. Remember: accessible does not have to mean messy. Try these organization pieces here.


No one said bathroom accessories had to be boring. Brighten up your morning routine!


When you get out of the shower (especially in the dead of winter), you want to make sure you have a clean, warm towel to dry yourself off. You also want to have enough on hand so you don't run out when you least expect it. Don't forget these few tips for buying your bathroom linens. *microfiber towels. * '''Hand Towels''': The most important thing with these linens is matching your decor. Do you want to have guest towels that you only bring out for company, or do you want to use the same towels all the time? * '''Cleaning Supplies Now that your bathroom has been designed to perfection, you want to keep it looking clean. Make sure to always have cleaning supplies on hand and that you have enough shelving to store them accordingly, and don't forget a wastebasket for the bathroomup easier.

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