Basketball Equipment

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. The official rules involve two teams of five players trying to score points by putting a basketball through the opposing team's hoop. The sport is played around the world at the professional level, intercollegiate, and all the way down to the pickup games at the local park, common among adults and children.  The game, invented by Dr. James Naismith over 100 years ago, has evolved into into a beautiful showcase of artistry and athleticism.  At the same time, basketball is a simple sport that beginners can pick up and enjoy immensely.  From the local parks to packed NBA stadiums, the right equipment can help players get leg up on the competition.

Basketball Sneakers

basketball systems can be set up anywhere and they can be adjusted to any height.

Basketball Apparel

Having the right gear is almost as important as your performance on the court.  You can't show up with jeans and a t-shirt, so having a jersey, shorts and socks is a must. 

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