Basic Guide to Hipsters

Hipster is a term used currently to describe a young counteroccupied with art and live by irony. The art they like or dislike is always meant to be ironic. Hipsters tend to reject everything mainstream, and if they like something mainstream, it is because it is ''ironic'' for a hipster to like something mainstream. Get it? Oh, and hipsters never admit to being hipsters. Love them or hate them, here is your guide to hipsters.

Hipster Clothes

Hipster Hobbies

Hipster Accessories

Hipster Films

Hipster Music

Hipster Websites

* Where hipsters find artsy gigs and look for a drummer for their band. * Information on shows and other staples of hipster culture. * A popular website reviewing new albums. * Infamous website about hip culture and recent celebrity sightings. * Information on hip nightlife, music, and movies. * An online magazine for hipsters. * Another website reviewing hipster music. * The website for the free magazine that worships everything hipster.