Baseball Caps

Ah, the classically rugged yet refined feel of a brand new Brooklyn Excelsiors amateur baseball team, these hats were initially designed with a shorter brim and a looser fit. Check out the caps that are available today.

Brim Styles

When you first see a cap, the most noticeable part is usually the brim. Brims can be flat, rounded, long or short.  Most people like to bend them so they curve above their eyes and allow for more visibility, but others like to wear flat caps as a fashion statement. See some styles below.


Hats can be adjusted in a variety of ways for comfort and style. Cloth adjusters are similarly more sturdy and also let you change the hat size as much as you want. Some hats are fitted and don't come with a way to adjust them in the back; if you are purchasing one of these, then make sure the hat fits you well (a little loose so it's not too tight on your head) so that you'll actually wear it.


Check out the range of colors and choices you have when buying your hat. 

Hat Wear

Now that you've picked out your hat, you want to keep it in good condition and looking cool. Here are a few tips for caring for your cap. * '''Wash''': Read the tag as it will have specific care instructions for washing. Keep in mind that cleaning instructions can differ depending on the fabric of the cap, so not all styles should be cleaned the same. Also, remember to never put your hat in the dryerit will ruin that perfect fit. If you are concerned about placing it in the wash and ruining the brim, try using a washcloth and detergent to wash off the most soiled spots, and then rinsing it with cold water. * '''Color''': If you wear your hat in the sun a lot, then keep in mind that the color is going to fade, and will do so more quickly with specific styles. If you prefer that worn-in look, then it's fine, but otherwise if you know you're going to be in the sun all day, consider wearing an older cap that is already fading. * '''Brim''': Most people wear baseball caps with a folded brim, which means constantly folding and reglass'>drinking glass. 

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