Baseball and Softball

It's that season again! Time to break out the bats, gloves, baseballs, and hot dogs or root for your favorite boys (or girls) of summer! Before you run out to the park, here are some rules and regulations of baseball in case you want to play more than a game of catch.

Common Rules and Regulations of Baseball and Softball

* There are commonly nine active players per team. * Games normally are comprised of nine innings divided into two halves (the "top" and the "bottom"), although in the case of a tie, games can go into extra innings until one of the teams breaks the tie. * Baseball is one of the only sports that does not use a clock. The game is not over until the last batter is out! * Strikeout: When a batter acquires three strikes. "Three strikes and you're out!" * Ground out: When a batter is out because a defensive player picked up the ball after it touched the ground and throws it to first base before the batter gets there. * Force out: When a player is forced to advance bases because of the runner behind him or her, but a defensive player tags the base the player gets to that base. * Fly out: When a defensive player catches the ball hit by the batter before the ball hits the ground. The batter, regardless of what base he has reached, is out. * Tag out: A runner is out if a defensive player tags him or her with the ball before he or she touches a base.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

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