Baby Toys Buying Guide: How to Choose by Age

It's important to select age'>toy chest before collecting items, otherwise you might end up with a disaster zone for a nursery! Please see the Toy Resources Page for external links with thorough information on product recalls, reviews, and more.

Quick Picks

Here are some quick picks to get started right away on your search for the perfect toy. These cute toys are great for babies. Uncomplicated and soft, they are perfect for delicate hands. Additionally, by choosing toys without small and detachable parts, you decrease the chances your baby will pull it off and put it in his or her mouth. These can be very dangerous and harmful to your fragile infant. Toys can get more complex as your baby gets older to match his or her expanding mind. Toddlers need toys that involve more activity and exploration in order to satisfy their curiosity.

Stage One: Baby's First Toys

Stage Two: Little Explorers

Stage Three: Baby on the Run

Stage Four: Preschool Preparation

Major Brands

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