Baby Walkers

Once your baby has mastered the art of crawling, the next challenge is walking.  There are several Baby walkers make moving around possible for a baby who's normally stuck on all fours. While some parents and parenting experts think walkers aren't safe for babies, other parents swear by them.  Read on to decide what is best for your child.

Safety Features

Keep in mind that if you aren't extremely vigilant, baby walkers can be a dangerous thing. There are certain characteristics your walker should have to maximize safety. * '''Gripping mechanisms''' will stop the walker at the edge of a step to prevent baby from taking a nasty spill. Most walker accidents occur from falling down stairs, so unless you don't have them, this feature is a must. * Look for an''' Extra Wide Base''' for maximum stability and to keep your baby from going through doorways unsupervised. * '''Brakes''' come in very handy for immobilizing your baby. If your child is too young to start moving, or you want to keep him or her stationary, brakes are a must. * If you don't feel your child will be safe on a stationary center.

Other Features

* '''Added Safety Tips * Make sure your home is baby proof to avoid accidents as best you can. * Keep a close eye out when your little one's in the walker. These devices do not take the place of adult supervision. * Use the walker downstairs to avoid nasty spills. * Check recall lists and customer comments before purchasing.

Bottom Line?

A wide range of costs, between $40 and $150.

Top Manufacturers

* Kolcraft * Baby Trend * Graco