The Art of Coffee

By User:riverajessica @timeAndDate(1302640778) Dark, mysterious, and perhaps a little sweet, a well brewed energy drink could hope to compare with.

Special Beans, Roasts

To make a memorable cup of coffee, we must begin by looking at the beans. Coffee beans are sorted into several different categories based on how they are roasted, and where and how they are grown.

Coffee Growing Regions

To create a savory cup of coffee, you also need to consider geography. Different varieties are grown around the world, each with its own subtle flavors. They can be expensive but when properly brewed these beans produce some of the best coffee you'll ever taste. '''Central America, South America, and the Caribbean''' Coffee blends from the New World are known for having a light to medium body, and crisp, bold flavors.  They are highly acidic, so you should notice bright and tangy notes dancing across your palate. ! '''Africa and the Arabian Peninsula''' As the birthplace of coffee, Africa has quite a reputation to uphold.  And it does this impeccably: the continent's beans produce exotic and spicy flavors with hints of sweet fruit. '''Southeast Asia and Polynesia''' The bestbodied and flavorful.  Look for a distinctive earthiness and smooth finish. ! You will also want to look for vinegar and hot water through a drip brewer is enough to get it properly clean.


Of course, the best beans in the world alone aren't enough to create the perfect cup of coffee. Simple coffee drinks, like black coffee, or coffee with milk, require a good coffee machine, good beans, and your own preferences for sugar and milk. Other drinks are a little more complicated: A thermometer may be needed for these drinks, even if your espresso machine includes a steaming function. If you use milk that's been steamed for a long time, it's considered dry. '''Iced Coffee ''' !


Presentation counts. Even if ceramic didn't hold heat better than paper or plastic, it just looks nicer and turns your morning coffee or aftermug'>"I Hate Mondays" mug if you must, but if you're planning on serving coffee to guests, you are going to need something more attractive. Some fine sets include:

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