Apology Gifts 

Itty-bitty Mistakes

Didn't put the toilet seat down ''again''? Went out with your friends when you were supposed to be spending the night with your sweetie? You can avert a big explosion by taking some simple steps. First, apologize. Next, present a gift! When it comes to tiny mistakes, little gifts can do wonders. You'd be amazed how quickly someone with a mouthful of chocolate forgets that you called them "the stupidest person on earth" just two hours earlier. These gifts are also good substitutes for "thinking of you" presents.

Big Mistakes

Okay, if you've gotten yourself into a pretty big mess, you're going to need to show comparable speed in getting yourself out of it. This is where the mistakes most commonly associated with big "utohs" belong. If you forgot someone dear to your heart's birthday, anniversary or another significant date, if you lost your passport the night before a big trip or did something equally stupid, then these are the textbook ways to get out of the lurch. '''A Night on the Town''' A popular and effective way to say "I'm sorry" is with a night out on the town. Spending time with a loved one can remind you both of why you liked each other so much in the first place. Begin with a romantic starter, like a limousine rental or a horse and buggy ride. Then, make your way to (your reserved in advance) dinner for two. Afterwards, if you're both still up for it (or if you really messed up) go to a late movie or, if you're in a partying mood by then, shoot over to your favorite bar or club. At the end of the night, all of those bad vibes will have melted away. '''An Intimate Dinner At Home''' Sometimes keeping the "night on the town" indoors is a great way to apologize. Turn the lights down, put on some quiet board game.

Absolutely Massive Mistakes

If you have done something absolutely abhorrible, then it belongs in this category. Many mistakes that fall under this title are surefire relationship or friendship killers. If you've cost a loved one their job, stolen a friend's significant other or done any other of a multitude of terrible disserves to someone you care about, then you'll need to think long and hard about how to win them over once again. Some of these mistakes are too awful to mention, but if you've made one, you probably know it. Be prepared to give the biggest apology of your life. Expect to open your heart, and your wallet, and dish out thousands. Even then, there's no certainty that you'll ever be forgiven.