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Activity Centers

Activity centers can provide a muchentertaining a new baby can be exhausting.  These centers are designed to confine an infant to a designated space and allow them to explore and play in a safe environment. For Mom or Dad, a good activity centers keeps the little one occupied, buying a little free time to fold the laundry or heat up the next bottle. The best activity centers can be a wonderfully stimulating place for baby, full of fun sights, sounds, and things to touch. What is an activity center? Any item designed to keep a baby in a confined area and provide them with entertainment. Activity centers can include: vibrating chairs, walkers, swings, playpens and activity mats. The centers will have toys, bells, whistles, and lights attached to them. The number of activities can vary from center to center, but be prepared to hear any number of beeps, squeals, sirens, or dings over and over and over and over until you're ready to hold your baby again. Babies all develop at different paces, most will begin interacting with activity sets between the fourth and sixth month when they have strong head and neck muscles. Playmats are suitable for even the youngest child.  Infants can be placed on their back on a soft blanket and gaze up at the dangling toys or listen to musical mobile. A well-designed play center can continue to entertain a child until toddlerhood. Remember, an activity center doesn't take the place of a parent or babysitter and infants should not be left unattended.

Major Manufacturers

* Graco * Safety 1st * Evenflo